Architectural Metal Panel Systems

Metal panel systems will aesthetically enhance your building at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, a rainscreen ACM, wet joint and gasketed ACM system introduces specialty elements to a building’s facade in order to give it a unique look. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Metal panel systems are also a good choice for retrofitting projects.

Industrial Metal Panel Systems

Industrial metal wall panels deliver unparalleled thermal performance and moisture protection. We have extensive experience in hundreds of industrial projects across the country dating back to the 1960’s. These panels offer a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and finishes so you can explore unique aesthetic opportunities across the building envelope.

Glass & Glazing

The most visually crucial part of a building’s facade is its glass. Glass acts as a buildings face, and its aesthetic appeal is the first element a person sees. Additionally, glass has a practical purpose, letting in natural light and preventing heat from building up inside. Therefore, enhancing a structure’s glass and glazing system improves both a building’s functionality and overall atmosphere.

  • Unitized Curtainwall
  • Storefront
  • Channel Glass Systems
  • Stick Build Curtainwall
  • Structurally Glazed Curtainwall
  • Canopies
  • Window Wall
  • Steel Curtainwall Systems
  • Ballistic & Glass Rated Blast Walls
  • Hand railings
  • Historic Windows

Natural Facade Cladding

Through the use of natural terracotta stone, an element of nature is added directly onto a building’s façade. Additionally, this unitized stone incorporates ultra-high performing concrete and glass fiber reinforced concrete. As a result, the design of the overall facade is not only derived from beauty, but is long-lasting. Most importantly, a natural façade cladding system provides greater interior climate control, acting as a barrier to keep air and water out of the building.

Parking Structure Screening Systems

For structures such as parking garages and building enclosures, high-performance screening systems should be installed. Screening systems provide the perfect solution in areas storing unsightly equipment. Additionally, these systems are particularly useful in locations requiring certain percentages of open air such as parking garages. If a building is looking to not attract much attention, screening systems can provide a sense of security in these settings.

  • Perforated Plate
  • Expanded Mesh
  • Stainless Steel Mesh

Louver Systems

Louver systems can be categorized as an architectural or performance system. Both louver systems lends itself to the screening, but performance louvers keep water from getting into a building and allows exhaust out. In situations such as mechanical floors that must have air flow, but need to keep water out of the building, performance louvers solve the problem. Louvers can also provide an aesthetic component to the architectural design.


High performance glass requires an element of Sunshades, a device for shutting out direct or excessive sunlight. Designed into the facade to help the overall performance, a Sunshade system will also provide a unique aesthetic value. For buildings to better regulate temperature and stay cool during the hot months, introducing a shading system is a great option. However, this installation can still allow for natural heating during the winter.

Air & Vapor Barriers

IWR North America is certified by the Air Barrier Association of America to install both air and vapor barriers. This certification allows our team to install both spray-applied and tape-applied barriers. If the specifications require either an air or vapor barrier, our team is qualified to meet this particular need.

Misc. Metal (Structural/Ornamental)

Sometimes, parts of a building only serve an aesthetic purpose. Therefore, many façade designs contain elements that are purely artistic. Our in-house design team holds a high track record for successfully delivering many of these types of projects. Customers often present us with unique opportunities, and we enjoy flexing our artistic muscles in those situations.